Measuring marketing is hard.

Metrologis helps you measure your marketing and answer the question - 'what does good look like?'

Metrologis is a benchmarking, ranking and insights service for asset managers, providing access to competitor analytics and market intelligence.

By creating a value exchange, asset managers share real time data to allow marketing, digital and content specialists to analyse and compare the performance of their digital activities against their peers.

Metrologis collects, stores and process data from multiple sources, made available through our platform within 24 hours. Aware that clients have different data needs, we provide flexible user options to cater for any team or individual.


Allowing asset managers to analyse by:

Why Metrologis

In an ever more frenetic digital world the challenge for many asset managers is to try and understand what ‘good looks like’.

Clients want to know:

  • Marketing

    Who's doing digital marketing well?

  • Peers

    How are we performing against our peers and where can we improve?

  • Social

    How can I measure social media and be more successful?

  • Media

    How can I justify my media expenditure?

  • Channels

    Is my website, content and email marketing effective?

  • Audiences

    How can we identify changes in our audiences?

Who we work with

Large asset managers

Large asset managers

Large UK, US and global firms operating across multiple countries, channels, audiences and languages.

Wealth managers

Wealth managers

Wealth management firms operating across channels and audiences.

Mid/boutique asset managers

Mid/boutique asset managers

Mid-sized and boutique UK firms operating primarily in the UK and Europe across channels and audiences

Property investment managers

Property investment managers

Large property/real estate investment firms operating across multiple countries, channels, audiences and languages.

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