Combining data across multiple categories including audience, investment type, content, social and email, we help you contextualise digital engagement

Our clients say

“Metrologis provides invaluable data that informs our planning and enables us to execute and optimise our marketing campaigns more effectively”
Jemma Gosling, Head of Programme Management
BNY Mellon

“By seeing real data from each company, not just averages, we can better understand not just the range of each data category, but also the potential,”
Diana Portman, Head of European Wholesale Marketing
Columbia Threadneedle

How clients are using the platform


Peer group benchmarking and trend analysis

Benchmarking digital performance enables asset managers to recognise what they’re doing well and where there’s room for improvement.

It helps them identify:

  • How they are performing
  • What works well
  • Where they can improve
  • What the key trends are
  • How they can measure change

Campaign planning & media strategy

Clients are able to measure the impact of their digital marketing communications against their overall marketing activities.

Expenditure analysis—both digital and non-digital—provides insight across all media channels from display to magazines, mobile to out of home.


Website design and usability assessment

Supports clients in the creation, development and maintenance of website structure, functionality & content.

Trend analysis enables clients to appreciate the changing habits of device usage and how it influences user engagement.

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