Helping you understand your investors interests and how they interact with your digital brand

Our services

  • Access to pioneering on-line platform
  • Monthly ranking and quarterly analytics report
  • Bespoke sector/asset class reports
  • Quarterly participant meetings
  • Hassle-free on-boarding
  • Tag auditing and management

Online platform

Our online platform provides real-time access to all data sources and includes data visualisation capabilities and flexible user options to enable analysis and interrogation of data sets.


We know that not everyone has the time and resource to sit down and access a platform on a regular basis. As such, our reports – one monthly and one quarterly – provide a snapshot of the metrics we’ve been told are key to asset managers in understanding the importance of their digital marketing.


Operating at a higher level, our quarterly reports compliment the on-line platform, identifying trends within the peer group and across a comprehensive list of metrics.


Tailored to the interests of each client, our ranking report concentrates on specific audience profiles and performance metrics, year on year and year to date.

How we operate

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